Post-pandemic HVAC health: how to meet changing demand in commercial buildings

4th December 2023

Covid-19 changed the working world overnight in 2020. Fast forward to 2023, and it might feel like ‘business as usual’, but the way we work has changed forever – and so has building management. Adapting Commercial Buildings for Post-Pandemic Realities Commercial buildings from a pre-pandemic era have been designed to operate safely and efficiently in […]

Supporting Downside Fisher Youth Club

23rd February 2023

We are very proud of our relationship with Downside Fisher Youth Club (DFYC) and the work we undertake to support them in maintaining a safe and healthy building. About Downside Fisher Youth Group Based in Bermondsey, South-East London, and founded over 100 years ago, the DFYC is a charitable organisation that provides support and structured […]

Do Hotels Give You Aircon Sickness? The Impact and Risks of Hotel Air Conditioning Systems

23rd September 2022

Less than 10% of hotels in the UK have air conditioning, according to figures from Expedia. However, over the recent record-breaking heatwave in July 2022, hotels with air conditioning saw a surge in bookings as homeowners sought refuge from the extreme temperatures. On 19th July in Coningsby, Lincolnshire, the mercury hit 40.3°C according to the […]

Keeping underused buildings legionella free

5th July 2022

“Secondary disinfection is key in the fight against legionella and general bacterial proliferation within water systems…”  …says Ian Wedd Secondary disinfection, used to control legionella in commercial buildings, has come to the fore over the past few years due to lockdowns and ongoing low occupancy in office spaces in particular – recent research shows that […]

HSE guides to returning to work safely

18th March 2021

.The HSE has produced a number of guides regarding returning to work safely. Some of us have started to return to the office, and in the coming weeks many more people will leave home for the first time in what seems like forever! To ensure a smooth and safe transition, it’s essential that buildings are […]

SFG30 – mothballing & recommissioning buildings during the pandemic

26th February 2021

In just over a week (March 8th), many of the UK’s children will be returning to school. This is the first step in our tentative and hopefully successful path back to normality. While schools have remained open in some capacity throughout the Covid19 pandemic, there are countless other unused public and commercial buildings which will […]

New white paper in response to legionella risk in locked down buildings

2nd December 2020

Today (2nd December) ends the second national lockdown in England, with shops and in some areas, pubs and restaurants, now able to open again. For commercial buildings, low occupancy rates still prevail, leading to a ticking time bomb of water quality issues. To help Facilities Managers and building owners to take the right steps to […]

How can offices safely re-open after lockdown?

18th November 2020

Commercial buildings in the UK have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.  As businesses were forced off their premises and into their homes back in March, some offices in London saw occupancy rates drop as low as 10% – a considerable change of use for buildings designed to host thousands of people and something […]

Legionella regulations – what must you do to comply?

11th November 2020

Legionnaires’ Disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila, commonly found in potable and HVAC water systems.  Employers, building and facilities managers and anyone with a health and safety responsibility must comply with relevant legislation to avoid fines, reputation damage and – most importantly – harm to occupants. Positive legionella […]

Action required to prevent legionella issues as water quality deteriorates

5th November 2020

As England enters a second national lockdown, Tom O’Sullivan, Head of Operations at Guardian Water Treatment urges facilities managers to prioritise legionella prevention and water system maintenance to stop the ongoing trend of sample failure rates caused by underused buildings. With people again told to work from home, many commercial and office buildings will be […]