Legionella control measures & guidance

The control of legionella bacteria in water systems is essential to ensuring occupant safety, by stopping the spread of the well-documented Legionnaire’s disease. Legionella bacteria can grow in any location where water is present – such as HVAC systems, cooling towers, sanitation and general plumbing.

Guidance for controlling Legionella is detailed in HSG274 and in the Approved Code of Practice L8 2013 – The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems (ACoP L8). If a business doesn’t comply, not only will people’s health be put at risk, responsible parties could be sued for negligence.

To control legionella, the following activities must be carried out:

  • Responsible parties, such as landlords, building managers and maintenance teams must familiarise themselves with ACoP L8
  • As part of this compliance, a suitable risk assessment must take place
  • Following risk assessment, legionella control programmes can be put in place where required, including treatment such as chemical dosing.

Guardian Water Treatment offers a range of legionella control services, helping businesses at every stage of this process; from ACoP L9 compliance, through to ongoing water treatment.

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Legionella water treatment

Guardian is a water treatment specialist, using chemical water treatments and non-chemical alternatives – we are able to select the best treatment for the given application based on risk and environmental factors. Treatments include Advanced Oxygenation Technology (AOT); a safe and highly effective option for the control of bacterial growth, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Control of legionella bacteria in water systems checklist:

  • Identification and assessment of all sources of legionella risk, carried out in accordance with BS 8580:2010 – Water-quality Risk Assessment for Legionella control
  • Preparation of a written legionella control scheme
  • Appointment of a responsible person to implement and manage the scheme
  • Keeping appropriate records

Guardian’s Legionella Risk Assessors are competent City & Guilds qualified engineers. Our team has detailed knowledge of domestic and commercial water systems allowing us to quickly identify the conditions that can lead to an outbreak of Legionella.

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