Legionella testing, risk assessment and control

Legionella bacteria, cause of the well-documented Legionnaire’s disease, can grow in any location where water is present; such as HVAC systems, cooling towers, sanitation and general plumbing. Legionella risk assessment is therefore essential to all businesses and public buildings where water is stored and used.

Legionella control guidance is covered by HSG274 and in the Approved Code of Practice L8 2013 – The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems (ACoP L8). Failure to comply with the guidance can put people’s health at risk and if an issue did occur, this failure could be used in criminal proceedings as evidence of a company’s negligence.

Complying with ACoP L8 – Legionella risk assessment

Guardian Water Treatment can help you to comply with ACoP L8 by carrying out the necessary legionella risk assessment and implementing suitable legionella control programmes where required. ACoP L8 stipulates the following:

  • Identification and assessment of all sources of legionella risk, carried out in accordance with BS 8580:2010 – Water-quality Risk Assessment for Legionella control
  • Preparation of a written legionella control scheme
  • Appointment of a responsible person to implement and manage the scheme
  • Keeping appropriate records

Guardian’s Legionella Risk Assessors are competent City & Guilds qualified engineers, with a detailed knowledge of domestic water systems, able to quickly identify the conditions that can lead to an outbreak of Legionella.

We are also registered with the Legionella Control Association (LCA), to find out more about the LCA and view our certificate, click here



What does a legionella risk assessment cover?

  • Physical aspects of a system that may require remedial action
  • The effectiveness of any legionella precautions currently being applied
  • Advice on pre-treatment equipment and any dosing equipment already used
  • Independent assessment of the monitoring and testing regime in place
  • Thorough evaluation of records and analysis
  • Overview of the composition of water in the system

All of our clients have access to GuardianCare, an online reporting system that enables works relating to a specific site to be viewed in real-time. No more waiting weeks for paperwork to arrive – all relevant documents, certificates, engineers’ work sheets or any other information can be viewed on-screen and printed instantly.

Legionella water treatment

When it comes to treating and controlling legionella, Guardian is a water treatment specialist, using chemical water treatments and non-chemical alternatives – we are able to select the best treatment for the given application based on risk and environmental factors. Treatments include Wallenius Advance Oxidation Technology (AOT); a safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for controlling bacterial growth, minimising environmental impact by reducing chemical usage.