Sustainable operations and services

Guardian Water Treatment is committed to reducing its environmental impact, through the way we run our businesses and the sustainable solutions we offer our customers. The company is currently working towards ISO14001 status, which will help improve our ‘green’ policies and reduce wastage.

Through innovations, such as non-chemical water treatment, Wallenius AOT, Guardian can help end- users reduce their reliance on harmful chemicals. Wallenius AOT achieves a 99.99% Legionella kill rate also saves on energy usage by allowing for lower water temperatures to be used safely. AOT is a powerful disinfection process utilising specific frequencies of light with a patented catalytic technology. This liberates hydroxyl free radicals acting within milliseconds to kill all types of bacteria – including Legionella, Pseudomonas and ecoli – without the use of traditional chemical disinfectants.

In addition to AOT, the latest in microprocessor based controllers, which monitor the physical condition of the system water, ensure system settings and dosing are adjusted as changes occur, stopping ‘over’ dosing and the unnecessary use of chemicals.