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Why now is the best time to update your water treatment equipment

28th February 2019

Specialist water treatment equipment is necessary to keep HVAC water systems healthy and efficient, to prevent contamination from bacteria and other pollutants. With modern water treatment equipment more effective and responsive than its predecessors, savings can be made including improved maintenance practices, reductions in chemical reliance and the prevention of corrosion, repairs and breakdown. Improvements […]

Corrosion monitoring – spotting and stopping corrosion in closed water systems

25th February 2019

Corrosion in sealed HVAC systems can lead to leaks, costly repairs and system breakdown. To prevent corrosion, buildings must be constructed correctly, water systems pre-commissioned effectively and ongoing maintenance must be preventative, focused on fixing problems rather than masking them with more chemicals. What causes corrosion in pipework? Corrosion in pipework is caused by a […]