Closed Systems Remote Monitoring

7th March 2024

“A pre-incident risk avoidance system, or post-incident action alert system?” Stewart McGillivray discusses: Closed systems remote corrosion monitoring has become more popular over the past few years, and has been incorporated into the current BSRIA guidance for water treatment as a useful tool to monitor corrosion levels, providing a real time view of water quality […]

How the built environment can support hybrid working

24th January 2024

In just a few short years, we have seen an epic migration of workers from purpose built, multi-tenancy commercial buildings, to spare rooms and home offices. ‘Hybrid working’ – a flexible working model combining remote and workplace-based employment that has risen in popularity since 2020 – has become increasing ingrained in our culture. Commenting on […]

Navigating the Shift in Corrosion Monitoring Techniques for HVAC Systems

19th December 2023

Corrosion Challenges in HVAC Systems Corrosion in closed water systems presents significant challenges in HVAC management. Traditional methods like water sampling, while useful, have limitations that can miss critical signs of corrosion. The industry is now embracing more sophisticated, real-time monitoring solutions. This blog delves into this crucial shift. Traditional Corrosion Detection vs. Advanced Monitoring […]

Preventing winter HVAC issues with seasonal commissioning

6th December 2023

The winter months bring new challenges for those responsible for commercial building services. Seasonal changes in temperature affect thermal comfort, but cold snaps can also put extra pressure on HVAC plant, increasing the risk of operational issues. When pipework and components are pushed to their limits, hidden problems will be exposed. The seasonal commissioning process […]

Post-pandemic HVAC health: how to meet changing demand in commercial buildings

4th December 2023

Covid-19 changed the working world overnight in 2020. Fast forward to 2023, and it might feel like ‘business as usual’, but the way we work has changed forever – and so has building management. Adapting Commercial Buildings for Post-Pandemic Realities Commercial buildings from a pre-pandemic era have been designed to operate safely and efficiently in […]

Heat Pump Retrofit Considerations for Building Managers

30th November 2023

As the national grid incorporates a growing percentage of renewables into its delivery, heat pumps are leading decarbonisation efforts in the built environment. In a sector that accounts for approximately 40% of total UK carbon emissions, heat pumps offer the potential for carbon neutral heating and cooling. Long-term benefits include improved safety when compared to […]

Who is responsible for HVAC maintenance – FMs or tenants?

23rd May 2023

If not managed correctly, the demarcation of responsibility for repairs and maintenance in commercial buildings is something of a ‘grey area’ – particularly where there are multiple business tenants. Commercial landlords have a duty to ensure their property is safe for tenants and other users, but if FMs want the tenants to take responsibility it […]

Hidden Costs of Poor Water Quality: Ensuring Reliable, Low-Carbon Heat Delivery

23rd May 2023

Heat networks, or district heating systems, are a relatively new approach to delivering heat to domestic and commercial premises across the UK. Heat is generated from a central source and delivered to multiple locations through networks of pipework carrying hot water. This approach avoids the need for individual heating appliances and offers a quick route […]

What does VDI 2035 tell us about preventing corrosion in closed water systems?

22nd May 2023

VDI 2035 is a German standard that provides guidance on how to prevent scale and corrosion in heating and cooling systems and use monitoring to ensure treatment is effective. It’s non-additive approach to chemical water treatment is widely used in Germany and, increasingly, it is also being adopted in the UK alongside BSRIA BG50. Crucially, […]

Four Challenges for London Buildings: Energy Efficiency and Cost Solutions

14th April 2023

Cities cover less than 2% of the world’s surface but consume more than 75% of energy produced globally. Densely populated by people and buildings – domestic, commercial and industrial – London plays a central role in UK economic growth. But managing energy supply and demand as key sectors begin to electrify is a significant challenge, […]