Facilities Managers – Improve transparency at commissioning and handover

3rd November 2021

Essential building services are incredibly complex and require a wide variety of contractors and sub-contractors to ensure buildings are operating and performing to the highest standards.  When things go wrong, FMs often end up bearing the brunt – and the cost – of putting things right, even though the cause of the problem occurred prior […]

How can data centre owners protect HVAC assets?

14th September 2021

Data is an inescapable factor of modern life.  With our phones becoming increasingly ‘smart’, Internet of Things (IoT) enabling automated building operation and unprecedented developments in AI, demand for data centre capacity is on a consistent upwards trajectory.  These essential powerhouses of modern life consume huge amounts of energy and water during the cooling process […]

HVAC water system monitoring for FMs – what do we monitor and why?

6th August 2021

Monitoring is a critical part of our closed-circuit water treatment services.  These systems are crucial to overall HVAC performance, but they are vulnerable to corrosion and scale, in many cases leading to poor performance and high costs. Real-time monitoring technology protects expensive HVAC assets and reduces risk by continuously monitoring the parameters that cause corrosion, […]

5 ways remote monitoring is improving HVAC efficiency for Facilities Managers

10th June 2021

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in commercial premises provide essential building services, ensuring that indoor environments are fit-for-purpose – from office buildings to leisure facilities, industrial facilities to processing plants and most importantly, mission critical sites such as data centres and hospitals.  However, these vital services come at a price.  HVAC often accounts […]

Facilities Managers, HVAC health checks will help you comply with BG50

6th May 2021

Closed heating and cooling systems are essential for the efficient operation of HVAC plants. However, these complex systems are often neglected, leading to costly downtime, replacement and litigation.  When things go wrong, traditional methods of testing and treatment are often impractical. Access may be limited to outside of working hours and there’s a risk of […]

Guardian launches new intelligent precommission cleaning package

6th April 2021

Guardian Water Treatment has launched BG29i, an intelligent precommission cleaning package that helps fit out installers, mechanical engineers and consultants meet the requirements of BSRIA guide, BG29 2021 – Precommission Cleaning of Pipework. Incorporating Hevasure’s innovative real-time corrosion monitoring technology, Guardian’s BG29i will speed up the PCC process, combat pipe degradation and reduce uncertainty at […]

What does BG29 2020 say about corrosion monitoring?

25th August 2020

BG29 2020 is BSRIA’s guide to the Precommissioning Cleaning of Pipework Systems. The latest edition was released in April this year. The updated version of this important document included some significant additions in relation to corrosion monitoring in closed circuit pipework, a solution we have been championing for some time. The previous edition of BG29 […]

HVAC corrosion monitoring for closed circuit systems

13th August 2020

Checking water condition is essential for preventing corrosion in closed circuit systems – the pipes and components responsible for plumbing together water-based HVAC plant. Real-time corrosion monitoring tracks the parameters that can signify corrosive conditions, potentially stopping this issue in its tracks. Parameters including dissolved oxygen, pressure, pH and inhibitor levels are continuously monitored, giving […]

Guardian welcomes BG 29/2020

14th May 2020

Guardian Water Treatment welcomes the latest addition of BSRIA’s guide to Precomissioning Cleaning of Pipework Systems – BG 29/2020.  The sixth version of this important document was published on 30th April. It includes a range of new guidance in order to reflect changes in industry best practice since the last  edition. Most notably for Guardian […]

Monitoring helps maintain social distancing during COVID 19

30th April 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has really brought the important role of water monitoring to the fore. Remote 24/7 solutions such as Hevasure allow locked down buildings to be safety checked continuously. This reduces the need to send people on site, thus assisting with social distancing. At the latest iconic skyscraper building in London, Hevasure’s remote […]