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Wallenius AOT makes BiFM award shortlist!

29th June 2016

Guardian’s non-chemical water treatment solution to prevent Pseudomonas, Wallenius AOT, has been shortlisted for the BiFM Award, New Product or Service of the year! Wallenius Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT) is a patented non-chemical water treatment, which is safer and greener, compared with traditional chemical water treatment and proven to kill 99.999% of Pseudomonas and Legionella […]

Reducing Legionella Risk During Summer: Legionella Risk Assessment and Compliance Services

20th June 2016

After a long, wet winter, today (20th June) is officially the first day of summer with the heat and humidity increasing Legionella risk. According to Public Health England, cases of Legionnaires’ disease in the UK usually increase during the summer months, peaking between July and September.  In 2013, more than a fifth of all cases […]

Preventing contaminated backflow with RPZs

20th June 2016

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws require domestic water supplies to be adequately protected from backflow. Where equipment is used with fluids or materials which could contaminate, measures to stop harmful substances getting into other parts of the system must be in place. Preventing backflow can be particularly important in cities, […]

Preventing Pseudomonas in Closed Water Systems: Pre-commissioning Cleaning, Treatment

15th June 2016

Pseudomonas is a bacteria commonly found in closed circuit water systems, a problem that until recent years was largely confined to London. As Pseudomonas increasingly finds a home in buildings throughout the UK, its spread must be stopped to ensure the safety and efficiency of pipework and associated HVAC systems. While Pseudomonas can be harmful […]

New look offices at Guardian Water Treatment

7th June 2016

Due to the continued success and growth of the business, Guardian Water Treatment has expanded its Basildon Head Office, giving it a contemporary makeover, including extended areas for both work and play! An additional unit has been purchased in order to add to the office area, include new meeting rooms, a boardroom, increased storage facilities […]