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Who is responsible for HVAC maintenance – FMs or tenants?

23rd May 2023

If not managed correctly, the demarcation of responsibility for repairs and maintenance in commercial buildings is something of a ‘grey area’ – particularly where there are multiple business tenants. Commercial landlords have a duty to ensure their property is safe for tenants and other users, but if FMs want the tenants to take responsibility it […]

Hidden Costs of Poor Water Quality: Ensuring Reliable, Low-Carbon Heat Delivery

23rd May 2023

Heat networks, or district heating systems, are a relatively new approach to delivering heat to domestic and commercial premises across the UK. Heat is generated from a central source and delivered to multiple locations through networks of pipework carrying hot water. This approach avoids the need for individual heating appliances and offers a quick route […]

What does VDI 2035 tell us about preventing corrosion in closed water systems?

22nd May 2023

VDI 2035 is a German standard that provides guidance on how to prevent scale and corrosion in heating and cooling systems and use monitoring to ensure treatment is effective. It’s non-additive approach to chemical water treatment is widely used in Germany and, increasingly, it is also being adopted in the UK alongside BSRIA BG50. Crucially, […]