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Seasonal commissioning and ‘soft landings’

28th June 2023

Facilities managers and maintenance teams are often judged by occupant comfort, the ‘soft landings’ that are the front-facing arm of FM. To ensure buildings are heated and cooled correctly in an energy efficient manner, it is crucial that the equipment responsible for temperature control are working at their optimum. Seasonal commissioning is a key part […]

Stewart McGillivray MICorr; MWMSoc (Snr) joins Guardian’s BG50i team

8th June 2023

Experienced Building Services Consultant, Stewart McGillivray, has joined Guardian Water Treatment’s team, providing consultative support to BG50i, Guardian’s trailblazing approach to closed circuit HVAC system management with real-time, 24/7 condition monitoring at its core. A member of the BSRIA steering group for BG50 – Water Treatment for Closed Heating & Cooling (the inspiration behind Guardian’s […]