Pre-commission cleaning for closed water systems

Guardian’s pre-commission cleaning services will keep closed water systems free from contamination at the outset, which, alongside a proper regime of servicing and maintenance, assists in safe and reliable performance.

Pre-commissiong cleaning is a standard requirement of all new closed water installations under the latest BSRIA guidelines, BG29 2021, the industry recognised best practice control.

BG29i – intelligent pre-commission cleaning

To help fit-out contractors, mechanical engineers and consultants meet the requirements of the BSRIA guide, we deliver the ‘BG29i intelligent pre-commission cleaning’ package, which incorporates innovative corrosion monitoring technology,  speeding up the PCC process, combatting pipe degradation and reducing uncertainty at handover.

Closed water systems that are not prepared correctly at the construction phase can fall foul of a number of problems, including:

  • High energy consumption
  • Blockages caused by the build-up of sludge or debris
  • Leaks and system failure
  • Contamination (bacterial or mixed metals) which can cause compliance issues


Pre-commission and renovation cleaning

Guardian can provide both pre-commission and renovation cleaning, using industry leading techniques, such as closed-loop pre-treatment cleaning which reduces the volumes of water needed for flushing, and Hevasure which provides 24/7 real-time monitoring of system conditions – a key feature of our BG29i package.

Heating and chilled water circuit remediation cleaning

During their lifetime of a water system, alterations and poor maintenance practices can lead to bacterial contamination. Remediation cleaning is therefore very important to keep water conditions at acceptable levels.

Guardian’s remediation cleaning works, will:

  • Minimise system disruption caused by blockages
  • Increase system efficiency
  • Increase system longevity
  • Improve system performance
  • Reduce system maintenance


Design, construction and on-going water system maintenance

When setting up a water system it is important to have the reassurance that everything has been done safely and efficiently. We have specialist experience that covers every stage of a water systems life, from design and construction, to pre-commissioning cleaning, handover and ongoing maintenance.

By using continuous monitoring methods, we are able to keep track of any changes in water quality as it happens and therefore save you money by reacting quickly to any changes in condition, preventing corrosion, expensive repairs and breakdown.