Water treatment

Closed Systems Remote Monitoring

7th March 2024

“A pre-incident risk avoidance system, or post-incident action alert system?” Stewart McGillivray discusses: Closed systems remote corrosion monitoring has become more popular over the past few years, and has been incorporated into the current BSRIA guidance for water treatment as a useful tool to monitor corrosion levels, providing a real time view of water quality […]

Post-pandemic HVAC health: how to meet changing demand in commercial buildings

4th December 2023

Covid-19 changed the working world overnight in 2020. Fast forward to 2023, and it might feel like ‘business as usual’, but the way we work has changed forever – and so has building management. Adapting Commercial Buildings for Post-Pandemic Realities Commercial buildings from a pre-pandemic era have been designed to operate safely and efficiently in […]

How to protect building occupants from extreme temperatures

26th September 2023

Maintaining thermal comfort inside our buildings and workplaces is critical for occupant wellbeing and productivity. However, with rising global temperatures and more extreme weather, regulating indoor temperatures has become an increasingly complex task for facilities managers (FMs). Thermal comfort and our changing climate Climate change has caused average temperatures to rise globally. Last year, the […]

Effective biofilm control techniques for clean water systems

25th September 2023

Bacteria in water systems are ubiquitous and diverse. Should a closed system show signs of corrosion and loss of efficiency, biofilm might be the culprit, causing Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC). Biofilm is traditionally controlled by maintaining relatively low general bacteria (Total Viable Count) levels. These planktonic bacteria levels have no relationship with the presence biofilm, […]

SFG20: Supporting planned maintenance in buildings

9th August 2023

SFG20 is the gold standard for building maintenance excellence and efficiency. Launched in 1990 by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), SFG20 stands for ‘Service Frequency Guide 20.’ It originated from the need for a unified approach to planned preventative maintenance (PPM), helping organisations save time, reduce costs, and ensure compliance. According to SFG20, a […]

Expert water testing and treatment services by WCS Group company, Guardian Water Treatment

9th August 2023

Guardian is a proud member of the WCS Group, the leading water treatment, water and air hygiene and asbestos specialist, with 1200+ staff nationally. Being part of the Group, enhances our ability to provide comprehensive services to ensure water quality, safety, and efficiency. In this blog, we will explore the capabilities of WCS’ Water Treatment […]

Seasonal commissioning and ‘soft landings’

28th June 2023

Facilities managers and maintenance teams are often judged by occupant comfort, the ‘soft landings’ that are the front-facing arm of FM. To ensure buildings are heated and cooled correctly in an energy efficient manner, it is crucial that the equipment responsible for temperature control are working at their optimum. Seasonal commissioning is a key part […]

Stewart McGillivray MICorr; MWMSoc (Snr) joins Guardian’s BG50i team

8th June 2023

Experienced Building Services Consultant, Stewart McGillivray, has joined Guardian Water Treatment’s team, providing consultative support to BG50i, Guardian’s trailblazing approach to closed circuit HVAC system management with real-time, 24/7 condition monitoring at its core. A member of the BSRIA steering group for BG50 – Water Treatment for Closed Heating & Cooling (the inspiration behind Guardian’s […]

Who is responsible for HVAC maintenance – FMs or tenants?

23rd May 2023

If not managed correctly, the demarcation of responsibility for repairs and maintenance in commercial buildings is something of a ‘grey area’ – particularly where there are multiple business tenants. Commercial landlords have a duty to ensure their property is safe for tenants and other users, but if FMs want the tenants to take responsibility it […]

Hidden Costs of Poor Water Quality: Ensuring Reliable, Low-Carbon Heat Delivery

23rd May 2023

Heat networks, or district heating systems, are a relatively new approach to delivering heat to domestic and commercial premises across the UK. Heat is generated from a central source and delivered to multiple locations through networks of pipework carrying hot water. This approach avoids the need for individual heating appliances and offers a quick route […]