Assessing the risk of a Legionnaires outbreak

An outbreak of Legionnaires disease puts people’s lives at risk, and leaves the buildings and associated organisations responsible open to legal action, fines and reputation damage. In buildings with a high footfall of people such as hospitals, schools, commercial and tenanted properties, a legionella risk assessment must be completed.

Legionella can be a particular problem in cooling towers and HVAC systems, but all sanitation and general plumbing should be checked as the bacteria can grow in any location where water is present.

A legionella risk assessment forms part of the compliance criteria for ACoP L8 (Approved Code of Practice L8 2013 – The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems). Guidance for legionella control is also outlined in HSG274.

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What does a legionella risk assessment cover?

  • Physical aspects of a system that may require remedial action
  • The effectiveness of any legionella precautions currently being applied
  • Advice on pre-treatment equipment and any dosing equipment already used
  • Independent assessment of the monitoring and testing regime in place
  • Thorough evaluation of records and analysis
  • Overview of the composition of water in the system

Legionella risk assessments from Guardian

Guardian carries out legionella risk assessments, helping business to comply with ACoP L8. Following a risk assessment, we will can implement legionella control and treatment measures, including chemical and non-chemical options, where required.

All of our Legionella Risk Assessors are competent and experienced engineers, able to quickly identify the conditions that could lead to an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease.

Guardian is registered with the Legionella Control Association (LCA), to find out more about the LCA and view our certificate, click here.

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