Water treatment for hospitals and nursing homes

Our highly skilled team is experienced in carrying out water treatment services within the healthcare sector. Keeping water clean and bacteria free is always of paramount importance, but it is even more prominent when in hospitals and nursing homes, where patient immunity may be low. We can help healthcare establishments meet the Approved Code of Practice L8 2013 – The Control of Legionella Bacteria and maintain safe and clean drinking water.

From carrying out pre-commissioning cleaning, to assessing the risk of legionella, our water system management services are designed to keep water clean and hygienic, in an environment where health is often compromised.

As hospitals can’t risk equipment breakdown and downtime, we recommend the use of Hevasure, a 24/7 monitoring solution which continually checks water system conditions, covering a range of parameters, such as oxygen, PH levels and pressure, in order to flag up small issues before they become big ones.

Our service includes access to the GuardianCare on-line reporting system. This enables all of our clients to have instant access to all documentation relating to work carried out. Uploaded and available in real time, there is no waiting around for paperwork.

We appreciate that downtime in healthcare establishments is not an option, so our engineers work around the clock minimise disturbance. All of our site workers are CRB checked.

Air hygiene for hospitals and nursing homes

Safe and fully operational air ventilation systems are vital in the healthcare sector, to ensure that reliant HVAC equipment is running at its optimum and patients and staff are breathing clean and hygienic air.

Poor air quality could exacerbate the ill-health of vulnerable occupants, and as such ventilation is subject specialist standard HTM 03-01: Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises. Our air hygiene services will help hospitals meet this standard.

In addition to air assessments, Indoor Air Quality monitoring and general ventilation and ductwork cleaning, our cleaning programmes also extend to the kitchens. Build- up of dust and grease in these areas not only poses a fire risk but also adds bacteria and allergens into the immediate environment.

As with our water treatment services, works can be carried out at a time when it will cause minimum disruption to staff and patients. We are aware that downtime in this sector is not an option.