Water Treatment Equipment

The equipment used to apply chemical dosage and control to water systems is vital in ensuring efficient use of the chemicals – better control will result in less chemical wastage.

Guardian’s chemical dosage equipment includes extremely efficient control systems that can be connected to our engineers in real time via mobile phones, whether controlling a cooling tower or providing chlorine dioxide dosing to a drinking water system. Chlorine dioxide is safe to use in potable water and is therefore a common dosing treatment for drinking water, or water associated with food preparation.

We also provide the latest installation and maintenance solutions to assist with closed system dosing options, including the replacement of existing pumps and/or controllers, installation or replacement of side-stream filters and the design of new installations.

Cooling Tower Control – Online

To check when chemical dosing is required, Guardian uses microprocessor-based controllers to monitor the physical condition of the system and adjust settings as changes occur. In conjunction with controlling system water quality, the controllers automatically operate chemical dosing pumps, making additions when appropriate. Guardian utilises Webmaster cooling tower controllers, which provides 24/7 automated dosing control, fault finding and remote access.

For closed circuit water systems, Guardian can provide real-time, continuous corrosion monitoring using Hevasure. Hevasure protects expensive HVAC assets and reduces risk by flagging up any issues before corrosion occurs; such as fluctuations in oxygen levels and the presence of bio-film.

Softening – Base-exchange: In parts of the country where hard water is prevalent, water softening (or base-exchange) is used to pre-treat the water supply to prevent adverse properties, such as formulation of lime-scale. Softening is essential for steam boiler feed water and on most cooling systems, except those in naturally soft water areas.

Reverse Osmosis: Reverse Osmosis is used for the pre-treatment of feed water. Dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts and other impurities) are removed by pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane.

Guardian is able to provide water treatment equipment to control all aspects of the water, including:

  • Conductivity (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Primary biocide concentration
  • Time additions of biocides, including secondary biocides
  • Dosing of corrosion/scale inhibitors