BG29i is Guardian Water Treatment’s intelligent precommission cleaning (PCC) package, designed to help fit out installers, mechanical engineers and consultants meet the requirements of BSRIA guide BG29 2021 – Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework.

Incorporating innovative corrosion monitoring technology, the BG29i approach will speed up the PCC process, combat pipe degradation and reduce uncertainty at handover.

Closed-circuit HVAC systems supported by Guardian’s BG29i package benefit from:

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Why is PCC so crucial?

Mistakes at this stage can lead to corrosion issues down the line, potentially shortening the lifespan of pipework and associated HVAC plant. Ultimately, this could result in spiralling costs and inefficiencies for the people in charge of the closed-circuit system – whether issues stem from before or after handover.

Hevasure’s 24/7 remote corrosion monitoring

The Hevasure system tracks a range of parameters that signify corrosive conditions – such as dissolved oxygen, pH, pressure and corrosion rates. Readings are taken every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day and clients have direct access to data, reports, trends and recommendations through the Hevasure dashboard.

Swift resolution of intervention caused issues

The BG29i approach is much faster and more accurate than sampling alone.  There is no need to wait for laboratory analysis, a process which can take a number of days.  With Hevasure, changes in condition are sent directly to the right people, allowing swift and appropriate action to be taken.

Improve sustainability

Real-time monitoring during the PCC process translates directly into reduced carbon footprints.

Pre-commissioning cleaning is the most water (and chemical) wasting process in a building’s construction.  In the absence of accurate data, PCC engineers have little choice but to adopt a heavy-handed approach to flushing and chemical dosing, which apart from being wasteful, can also cause pipe degradation.

BG29i provides a true and accurate picture of system condition, ensuring flushing and dosing is reserved for when it is actually needed, rather than as a knee-jerk reaction to an assumed problem. Catastrophic failure, which would lead to full system water loss and subsequent remedial cleaning, is avoided.

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Handover with confidence

At the point of handover, monitoring allows building maintenance teams and FMs to be confident in the system they are being left with. This is key where there are disputes over who, or which part of a water systems commissioning and maintenance has caused a specific problem.

BG29i – taking control of your closed-circuit system

For fit-out contractors, mechanical engineers and consultants, a key attraction of our BG29i package approach is control and transparency.

By having a true, instant and accurate picture of system condition during PCC, the process is de-mystified, allowing Guardian Water Treatment to take the best course of action for your system in the quickest possible timeframe. We can also prove that the works we carry out are successful.

All this leads to closed circuit HVAC systems that operate efficiently and are therefore more likely to meet their design-life and sustainability targets.

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