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New video explains Guardian’s innovative BG50i water monitoring package

31st October 2022

Guardian Water Treatment has released a new video explaining the benefits of its BG50i package: BG50i FAQs: What is BG50i?  BG50i is Guardian Water Treatment’s intelligent maintenance and real-time monitoring package, designed to help responsible parties meet the requirements of BSRIA’s BG50/2021 – Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems. Who is BG50i for?  BG50i […]

Winter energy saving tips for commercial HVAC systems

3rd October 2022

HVAC systems account for a large proportion of a commercial building’s total energy use – around 40% according to some estimates. With current energy costs through the roof, it is more important than ever that facilities managers (FMs) prioritise the health of their HVAC systems in preparation for higher usage during colder months. A robust […]

Do Hotels Give You Aircon Sickness? The Impact and Risks of Hotel Air Conditioning Systems

23rd September 2022

Less than 10% of hotels in the UK have air conditioning, according to figures from Expedia. However, over the recent record-breaking heatwave in July 2022, hotels with air conditioning saw a surge in bookings as homeowners sought refuge from the extreme temperatures. On 19th July in Coningsby, Lincolnshire, the mercury hit 40.3°C according to the […]

Steve Dawson – new Product Manager for Closed Systems

16th August 2022

Guardian Water Treatment is pleased to introduce Steve Dawson, the company’s new Product Manager for Closed Systems. Spearheading Guardian’s industry-leading approach to precommission cleaning and ongoing water system management, which feature Hevasure’s pioneering 24/7 remote condition monitoring technology, Steve is tasked with spreading the benefits of this innovative approach across the commercial sector. Previously Head […]

Keeping underused buildings legionella free

5th July 2022

“Secondary disinfection is key in the fight against legionella and general bacterial proliferation within water systems…”  …says Ian Wedd Secondary disinfection, used to control legionella in commercial buildings, has come to the fore over the past few years due to lockdowns and ongoing low occupancy in office spaces in particular – recent research shows that […]

Water treatment for data centres

9th June 2022

Our world is becoming increasingly reliant on internet access – from day-to-day activities, work, travel and communication to banking, manufacturing and building automation, almost everything we do requires an internet connection. But what does this have to do with water? Researchers at Imperial College London found that every gigabyte (GB) of data we consume has […]

How can continuous monitoring help your HVAC system?

16th May 2022

WCS’ e-book explains how continuous monitoring helps HVAC Continuous closed system monitoring is a holistic and technology-driven approach to HVAC system management in commercial systems, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, data centres, public sector building, MOD sites and universities, colleges and schools. Rather than using water samples to look for evidence of corrosion, real-time monitoring systems […]

Guardian Water Treatment launches BG50i – Intelligent Monitoring & Water Treatment

11th May 2022

Guardian Water Treatment has launched BG50i, an intelligent monitoring and water treatment package designed to help responsible parties; such as Facilities Managers and maintenance teams; meet the requirements of the latest version of BSRIA’s Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems – BG 50/2021. Since BG 50 was last published in 2013, significant changes […]