Consultancy, pre-commissioning and remediation cleaning

At Guardian, we often begin work on buildings before construction begins, consulting on the design and build of closed water systems, and providing pre-commissioning cleaning services. By working with us from the outset, building and facilities managers can keep these systems free from initial contamination which, alongside a proper regime of servicing and maintenance, assists in safe and reliable performance.

Pre-commissioning cleaning is a required procedure when installing any new closed water systems, under the BSRIA guidelines, an essential process which stops the following issues:

  • Blockages caused by the build-up of sludge or debris
  • Leaks and system failure
  • Contamination (bacterial or mixed metals) which can cause compliance issues

We offer our expertise at every stage of setting up and running a water based system; from the pre-commissioning stage, to the upkeep of live systems. By using specialist technology such as the Hevasure 24/7 monitoring system, we can keep a close eye on system conditions, in order to prevent corrosion and avoid expensive repairs and subsequent downtime.

Compared with traditional sampling, Hevasure offers a far more accurate and instantaneous picture of what’s going on in a water system, helping to improve maintenance practices and save money long term.

Design, construction and on-going water system maintenance

By utilising Guardian Water Treatment when installing a water system, you are safe in the knowledge that it has been managed by experts and left in the right conditions to be handed over to on-site maintenance teams.

Throughout the construction and pre-commissioning process, we are laying the right foundations for long-term water condition. And, utilising continuous monitoring, we can ensure that any problems are dealt with immediately, thus keeping costs to a minimum.

We also have the GuardianCare online reporting system, which can be accessed by all of our clients. This allows you to view all documentation relating to any of your sites instantaneously.