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Navigating the Shift in Corrosion Monitoring Techniques for HVAC Systems

19th December 2023

Corrosion Challenges in HVAC Systems Corrosion in closed water systems presents significant challenges in HVAC management. Traditional methods like water sampling, while useful, have limitations that can miss critical signs of corrosion. The industry is now embracing more sophisticated, real-time monitoring solutions. This blog delves into this crucial shift. Traditional Corrosion Detection vs. Advanced Monitoring […]

Preventing winter HVAC issues with seasonal commissioning

6th December 2023

The winter months bring new challenges for those responsible for commercial building services. Seasonal changes in temperature affect thermal comfort, but cold snaps can also put extra pressure on HVAC plant, increasing the risk of operational issues. When pipework and components are pushed to their limits, hidden problems will be exposed. The seasonal commissioning process […]

Post-pandemic HVAC health: how to meet changing demand in commercial buildings

4th December 2023

Covid-19 changed the working world overnight in 2020. Fast forward to 2023, and it might feel like ‘business as usual’, but the way we work has changed forever – and so has building management. Adapting Commercial Buildings for Post-Pandemic Realities Commercial buildings from a pre-pandemic era have been designed to operate safely and efficiently in […]