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Locked down buildings need more than flushing to ensure water quality

20th May 2020

Following a report on Sky News headed ‘Businesses told to flush out water supply before reopening to avoid potentially deadly Legionella bacteria’, Toby Hunt from Guardian Water Treatment, urges responsible parties to proceed with caution when it comes to this task – it is not a standalone solution. The article, which appeared on the 20th […]

Guardian welcomes BG 29/2020

14th May 2020

Guardian Water Treatment welcomes the latest addition of BSRIA’s guide to Precomissioning Cleaning of Pipework Systems – BG29/2020.  The sixth version of this important document, which was published on 30th April, includes a range of new guidance in order to reflect changes in industry best practice since the last 2012 edition. Most notably for Guardian […]