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New look Guardian Water Treatment

19th April 2016

If you’re reading this, you’ll be aware that we’ve launched a new website, created to better demonstrate the breadth of our expertise, showcase our integrated approach – from construction and fit-out, through to on-going maintenance – while keeping visitors up to date with the latest Guardian and industry news via our blog.   The website forms […]

Careers in Water Treatment

13th April 2016

Nothing is more fundamental to a healthy environment and community than water. Most people in the ‘First World’ are lucky enough to take clean water for granted; with a turn of the kitchen tap we have access to endless supply of clean, safe water. But water hygiene is about more than making water safe for […]

Chemical-Free Water Treatment for Hotels: Enhance Water Hygiene with Wallenius AOT

5th April 2016

Water treatment for hotels: cut chemicals and chlorine Hotels and leisure facilities include lots of water, for general drinking, heating and hot water, plus many also include swimming pools and spas. If these water systems are not built and maintained correctly, water hygiene issues can effect efficiency and pose risk to human health. Warm water […]

Workplace Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessment

5th April 2016

Importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessment in the workplace Many of us take for granted that the air that we breathe is clean, or at least clean enough not to cause us any serious long term effects or illnesses. Air pollution both inside and outside the home causes at least 40,000 deaths a year […]