Meeting the requirements of BSRIA BG50/2021

BG50i is Guardian Water Treatment’s intelligent maintenance and real-time monitoring package, designed to help responsible parties, such as Facilities Managers and maintenance teams, meet the requirements of BSRIA’s BG50/2021 – Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems.

Available as a one-off ‘health check’ or for ongoing support, BG50i incorporates real-time corrosion monitoring technology – which provides an efficient and instantaneous alternative to sampling and corrosion coupons – combined with industry-leading water treatment.

Ideal for a wide range of applications that use closed-loop HVAC systems, such as heat networks and data centres, BG50i supports a low oxygen, low chemical approach to preventing corrosion, as recommended in German guidance document, VDI 2035.

Within the corrosion industry it is widely accepted that monitoring corrosion rates over time is the best preventative measure when assessing whether general corrosion and/or Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is present.

BG50i also supports adherence to SFG20, the definitive standard for planned maintenance that provides comprehensive guidance on ensuring the operational certainty and efficiency of building assets.

Download Guardian’s BG50i guide, here 

Real-time monitoring

Utilising real-time data from Hevasure’s award-winning 24/7 monitoring system,  BG50i gives FMs a greater understanding of the corrosion process and how it can be mitigated, leading to site-specific water treatment programmes that tackle the root cause of corrosion:

  • Improving the process and outcomes of commissioning
  • Providing key hydraulic information
  • Early warnings against mechanical events
  • Optimising energy usage
  • Minimising maintenance costs
  • Preventing off-plan callouts
  • Extending the life of valuable assets

Helping prevent costly remediation works

Traditionally, FMs and building managers have relied on generic advice, sampling and corrosion coupons to identify issues within closed circuit water systems; methods that are:

  • Not instantaneous
  • Only provide short term results
  • Prone to misinterpretation
  • Fail to identify dissolved oxygen – the precursor to almost all types of corrosion
  • Do not address engineering issues

In contrast, the BG50i approach continuously monitors a range of parameters to give a true and real-time picture of system condition.

Anomalies are identified and analysed before corrosion has occurred. This means problems can be swiftly dealt with and maintenance regimes are fit for purpose, potentially cutting site visits and dramatically reducing the time and cost involved in rectifying issues with data led maintenance.


*By being able to rectify issues in days rather than weeks or even months, huge savings can be made, around £80-120k over 10 years for a large HVAC system where remediation works are prevented.

Estimated saving per system for a typical multi-tenant building with BG50i:

  • Passing on responsibility for water quality (to third parties) = £1-5k p.a.
  • Integration management for fit-out = up to £10k p.a.
  • Reduced sampling costs = £1-2k p.a.
  • Inhibitor replenishment = £1-2k p.a.
  • Major mechanical event or failure causing deviations = £1-10k per deviation

(*on average each system experiences 1.2 significant deviations per annum caused by a mechanical event)


BG50i – control and transparency

For FMs and building managers a key attraction of our BG50i package approach are control and transparency.

The use of real-time monitoring is particularly helpful for pin-pointing responsibility when it comes to the demarcation of maintenance in tenanted properties, allowing FMs and landlords to have an accurate picture of what/who has caused any changes in system condition.

Closed circuit water systems are hugely complex, and the consequences of inadequate water system management can be disastrous, with the price of downtime, replacement and litigation potentially running into the millions.

Supporting SFG20

Monitoring closed system water quality assists the FM team to protect capital plant such as chillers, boilers and heat pump operation, therefore becoming an invaluable source of information for the planned maintenance regime. The information will also remove spurious doubt on system operational performance.

Having access to 24/7 data not only ensures closed systems work better and are less prone to corrosion, it also puts FMs back in control, resulting in fewer site visits and a reduced requirement for external contractors.

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