Legionella awareness training bespoke to your business

9th August 2017
Legionella Awareness for Cooling Towers

Guardian Water Treatment has launched a new bespoke Legionella Awareness course for cooling tower operators, ideal for building/facilities managers and maintenance staff. Delivered on-site at a client’s premises, training is tailored to the specific needs of a system, and takes place over a three week timeframe, allowing candidates to practically utilise their learning straight away.

Aimed at building maintenance engineers who may have many duties as well checking cooling towers, the training is designed to get away from classroom based lectures and give site staff hands on guidance for their specific systems.

Cooling towers are open-circuit systems and therefore particularly susceptible to legionella. Guardian’s training covers ACoP L8 legislation, cooling tower operation, weekly testing, and any site specific requirements; everything needed for safe and efficient operations.

Steven Booth, Associate Director for Guardian Water Treatment, said: “As cooling towers are one of primary culprits when it comes to the spread of Legionella bacteria, it’s essential that those responsible for their upkeep and safe running understand the dangers and how to prevent them. Every cooling tower is different, however, with varying operational and environmental factors affecting conditions. Because of these variables, we feel that a bespoke, site specific course, is a far safer and user-friendly option for businesses, allowing candidates to put theory into the practice of their day to day role straight away.

“By revisiting the site, we can be sure that when we sign-off a trainee as competent, they truly understand how to apply what they’ve been taught.”

Bespoke cooling tower training structure:

  • Week 1: Overview of ACoP L8, including HSG274 Part 1 and site specific training on testing and inspection.
  • Week 2: Operation theory, site specific testing and inspection.
  • Week 3: Brief recap of test procedure and final competence sign off.

Delivered one to one, by Guardian’s expert team, on successful completion the candidate will receive a certificate of competency.

Guardian water treatment are a member of the Legionella Control Association.

For more information about Guardian’s Legionella training for cooling towers, click here.