Legionella awareness – cooling tower monitoring

Guardian Water Treatment’s Legionella Awareness Course for Cooling Towers provides an introduction to understanding the control of Legionella bacteria specifically in cooling systems, delivering a brief summary of the various aspects of water contamination, including scale, corrosion, suspended solids and microbiological activity.

Cooling towers are open-circuit systems and therefore particularly susceptible to legionella with on-going monitoring and legionella risk assessments, management and treatment, essential to safe operations. Courses can be tailored to suit clients’ individual requirements, depending on the types of application they work on, with bespoke, on-site training available where required.

Bespoke training

Delivered on-site at a client’s premises, training is tailored to the specific needs of a system, and takes place over a three week time frame, allowing candidates to practically utilise their learning straight away.

Aimed at building maintenance engineers, the training is designed to get away from classroom based lectures and give site staff hands on guidance for their specific systems.

Legionella awareness training for cooling towers covers:

  • Basic Legionella Awarenes (if required)
  • Introduction to cooling water treatment
  • How to manage and maintain cooling systems
  • Control programme and compliance with ACoP L8
  • Review of real-life Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease case studies
  • How the HSE and EHOs work – Prepare for an inspection