Guardian launches new intelligent precommission cleaning package

6th April 2021
The cover of a guide to precommission cleaning

Guardian Water Treatment has launched BG29i, an intelligent precommission cleaning package that helps fit out installers, mechanical engineers and consultants meet the requirements of BSRIA guide, BG29 2021 – Precommission Cleaning of Pipework.

Incorporating Hevasure’s innovative real-time corrosion monitoring technology, Guardian’s BG29i will speed up the PCC process, combat pipe degradation and reduce uncertainty at handover.

Updated BG29

BG29 was updated last year and now includes extensive information about closed-system monitoring, siting this technology as a key way to combat corrosion during precommission cleaning and throughout a water systems life.

Guardian’s new BG29i approach has been inspired by BSRIA’s guidelines, and aims to help responsible parties meet its recommendations, while also dramatically cutting the amount of time PCC takes, reducing flushing and the consequent water wastage, and ensuring the early identification and resolution of potential problems.

Alongside Hevasure, Guardian employs the latest closed-loop pre-treatment cleaning which also contributes to reducing water wastage and ensures the pipework and associated HVAC systems starts life in the best possible condition.

Real-time information, fast

The BG29i approach is much faster and more accurate than sampling alone, which is the usual method of checking condition during precommission cleaning. There is no need to wait for laboratory analysis, a process which can take a number of days. With Hevasure, changes in condition are sent directly to the right people, allowing swift and appropriate action to be taken.

Monitoring allows building maintenance teams and FMs to be confident in the system they are being left with at the point of handover. This is key where there are disputes over who, or which part of a water systems commissioning and maintenance has caused a specific problem.

Toby Hunt, MD for Guardian Water Treatment, said: “Guardian has always been at the forefront of precommission cleaning. Our new BG29i package is the result of years of experience combined with the latest technologies, providing a cutting-edge service that will improve efficiency, reduce water wastage, save time, cut costs and limit uncertainty at the point of handover.

“We can also prove that the works we carry out are successful. All this leads to closed circuit HVAC systems that operate efficiently and are therefore more likely to meet their design-life and sustainability targets.”

Free guide

To help explain the benefits of BG29i, Guardian has produced a free guide, which can be downloaded here.

BG29i benefits:

Closed-circuit HVAC systems supported by Guardian’s BG29i package benefit from:

  • Award winning 24/7 corrosion monitoring from Hevasure
  • Compliance with BSRIA’s BG 2021 – Precommision Cleaning of Pipework Systems
  • Early identification and resolution of potential problems
  • Closed-loop pre-treatment cleaning (CPC) to reduce flushing and water-wastage.
  • Confidence at handover
  • Optimum operational efficiency
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Efficient PCC process

For more information about Guardian’s BG29i package, click here.