New video explains Guardian’s innovative BG50i water monitoring package

31st October 2022

Guardian Water Treatment has released a new video explaining the benefits of its BG50i package:

BG50i FAQs:

What is BG50i? 

BG50i is Guardian Water Treatment’s intelligent maintenance and real-time monitoring package, designed to help responsible parties meet the requirements of BSRIA’s BG50/2021 – Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems.

Who is BG50i for? 

BG50i is designed for large commercial and industrial buildings with complex HVAC requirements.

We have worked with Facilities Managers (FMs) and maintenance teams responsible for some of the most iconic commercial buildings in the UK, including premier office spaces, retail centres, industrial buildings, leisure facilities, healthcare settings and complex mixed-use buildings.

What does BG50i do? 

BG50i combines award-winning remote monitoring technology with advanced water treatment techniques to prevent corrosion in closed circuit water systems.

It enables building owners and managers to:

  • Comply with the latest guidance on closed heating and cooling system management
  • Extend the life of assets
  • Reduce running costs

What are the benefits of BG50i for FMs? 

BG50i allows FMs and building managers to take control of their water systems, rather than relying on external contractors and laboratory testing:

  • Greater control over interventions
  • Treatments are fit-for purpose, rather than knee-jerk reactions
  • Increased transparency, protecting FMs from the risk of litigation.

Does BG50i reduce costs? 

Yes. Rather than relying on sampling and corrosion coupons to identify issues within closed circuit water systems, the BG50i package continuously monitors critical parameters, allowing anomalies to be identified and analysed before corrosion has occurred.

This approach has saved our clients up to £200,000 by enabling issues to be rectified in a matter of days and preventing remediation works.

Additionally, the BG50i package:

  • Optimises energy usage
  • Minimises maintenance costs
  • Prevents off-plan call outs
  • Extends the life of valuable assets
  • Reduces the risk of downtime, repair and litigation, which can often run into the millions.

My HVAC system is suffering with poor water quality and operational issues – can BG50i help? 

Yes. Once the Hevasure unit is installed, it will immediately begin to collect invaluable data points on the critical parameters that signify corrosive conditions; including dissolved oxygen, pH, pressure, inhibitor levels, corrosion rates.

The fully integrated system incorporates a wide range of high-quality sensors connected to a sophisticated data acquisition system. Live data is relayed up to the cloud where it can be viewed via the Hevasure dashboard on laptops and mobile devices. With this data to hand, swift remedial action can be taken to restore water quality and efficient operation.

How long does the BG50i package provide support? 

The package is flexible and can be tailored to the requirements of the building.

It can be used for ongoing maintenance throughout the life of the building, or as a one-off ‘HVAC health check’ – where the unit is installed for a set period to bring the system back to specification.

Could BG50i reduce the running costs of your building? 

Yes, potentially. Better managed systems tend to require less maintenance and in many instances, using real-time monitoring reduces the need for flushing – a water wasting and expensive process.

 Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements.

Find out more about BG50i, here