How can data centre owners protect HVAC assets?

14th September 2021

Data is an inescapable factor of modern life.  With our phones becoming increasingly ‘smart’, Internet of Things (IoT) enabling automated building operation and unprecedented developments in AI, demand for data centre capacity is on a consistent upwards trajectory. 

These essential powerhouses of modern life consume huge amounts of energy and water during the cooling process to ensure equipment is reliable, energy efficient and cost-effective.  Monitoring, maintenance and water treatment for data centres is key to operational health.

While efficiency and operational costs are key concerns for tenants, building owners have a more long-term investment in the life cycle of HVAC plant.

The best way data centre owners can protect critical HVAC assets from breakdown, prevent unplanned downtime and maximise return on investment (ROI) is by utilising developments in real-time monitoring and preventative maintenance.

Why is real-time monitoring essential for data centres?

Closed-circuit water systems (sometimes called closed-loop or closed heating and cooling systems) are an essential part of overall HVAC operations, often used in air-cooled data centres.  Consisting of a sealed unit of re-circulating water which absorbs excess heat, these systems are particularly vulnerable to in the event of air ingress.

The presence of dissolved oxygen within the closed loop can quickly result in fouling, scale and corrosion, usually caused by poor mechanical design, heavy handed water treatment or poor maintenance practices.  If left unchecked, breakdown and downtime may follow, leading to great expense, disruption and reputation damage.

Ensure long-term HVAC health

To monitor and track conditions in closed-circuit water systems, we use Hevasure’s innovative corrosion monitoring technology which provides constant information on a range of parameters, including pH, temperature, pressure, inhibitor levels and the all-important dissolved oxygen.

Any changes are instantly detected and sent straight to the in box of responsible parties, meaning small issues can be flagged up and dealt with before they become major problems.

A superior choice for critical operations

Hevasure is far superior to traditional methods of water system monitoring, such as sampling and corrosion coupons, benefiting building owners by improving to both operating and life-cycle costs.

It also allows data centre owners to:

  • Extend the life of HVAC plant – with remote monitoring, interventions can be planned and preventative, reducing the need for expensive replacements and repairs and ensuring that valuable plant is working well for as long as possible.
  • Increase ROI – over a period of 10 years, 24/7 monitoring can save between £80k to £120k across the board, improving energy efficiency, extending equipment life, reducing water treatment costs and importantly for building owners, preventing catastrophic failure.
  • Improve accountability – real-time data provides transparency across the board, from construction to handover, tenants and ongoing facilities management. The ability to pin-point and track disruption and resolution provides peace-of-mind to owners and ensures that misplaced blame is avoided.
  • Prevent downtime – crucial to every aspect of our lives, data centre downtime can be extremely costly and disruptive. By catching issues before they become big problems, downtime is avoided.

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