How can continuous monitoring help your HVAC system?

16th May 2022

WCS’ e-book explains how continuous monitoring helps HVAC

Continuous closed system monitoring is a holistic and technology-driven approach to HVAC system management in commercial systems, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, data centres, public sector building, MOD sites and universities, colleges and schools.

Rather than using water samples to look for evidence of corrosion, real-time monitoring systems regularly take readings on a wide range of critical parameters 24 hours a day, including dissolved oxygen (DO) – the pre-cursor to all corrosion that is not picked up by sampling.

This approach allows facilities managers, building operators and maintenance teams to make early interventions that prevent corrosion, extend the life of valuable assets and reduce the risk of catastrophic failure.

It can be used at any stage of a HVAC system’s life – during pre-commission cleaning as recommended in BG29, for a HVAC health check and/or as part of an ongoing monitoring and maintenance strategy in accordance with BG50.

Our service partner, WCS Group, has published a new e-Book explaining the benefits of continuous closed system monitoring and the treatment and training options for FMs and maintenance teams.

Download ‘Continuous Closed System Monitoring’ e-Book from WCS Group

We’re proud to deliver Hevasure’s innovative corrosion monitoring technology alongside WCS Group.

Developed and built in the UK by engineers with a wealth of experience in materials science, electronic manufacturing, sensor development and IT systems project management, Hevasure is the most comprehensive continuous monitoring technology for closed circuit water systems on the market.

There are four Hevasure monitoring packages available to suit all needs:

  • Hevasure Premier – a complete and comprehensive service for new and existing buildings. Alerts sent to duty holders and quarterly reports issued.
  • Hevasure Dashboard – As above but where the building owner or maintenance company wish to monitor system performance and health themselves.
  • Hevasure Health Check – a short, 3-month health check to understand prevailing system parameters and conditions.
  • Hevasure Training – Half-day training on corrosion and closed system management.

For more information about how Hevasure can improve the efficiency and lifecycle costs of your building, download the e-Book or contact us with your requirements.