Effective Legionella Water Treatment Solutions for Your Building’s Safety and Health

28th July 2020

Legionella water treatment and risk assessment services for in-use and empty buildings.

During lockdown, many of the UK’s commercial and public buildings lay empty – many will remain this way for some time.

Dormant buildings can create the perfect breeding ground for legionella bacteria, the precursor to the potentially deadly Legionnaire’s disease. As businesses welcome back staff and customers, the last thing anyone wants is another public health emergency.

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Don’t ignore essential legionella water treatment

Legionella water treatment was on the government’s list of essential services during lockdown, a telling reminder of the importance of this activity.

Stagnant, warm water is the favoured breeding ground of this infamous bacteria – conditions more commonly found in empty buildings. Water outlets need to be used in order to flush out a system. During periods of low occupancy, therefore, in some cases legionella water treatment regimes’ need to be increased.

And, apart from preventing Legionnaire’s disease, by stopping the proliferation of bacteria, corrosion problems are also less likely.

Adjust your legionella maintenance regimes

We can help you adjust your legionella maintenance regimes depending on the usage of your building. We have helped many commercial and public buildings in London and the South East do so during lockdown.

If mothballing is the only option, the new SF30 guidance, which details specific frequencies and protocols per building asset, should be referred to.

Ongoing water treatment: All of our staff are fully briefed on safe working practices to prevent the spread of COVID 19 and in most cases, these works are solitary with minimal risk of contact with other people – particularly in buildings that are currently empty.

Download our guide to legionella treatment in low occupancy buildings, here

Free client webinars: We are hosting a series of webinars for our clients, designed to brief FMs and maintenance teams on how to keep their buildings water treatment systems clean and ready for action during this period of lockdown. You can sign up to attend the next webinar, by emailing Sam Harris, [email protected].

Guardian Water Treatment is a member of the Legionella Control Association, click here for more information.

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