Why now is the best time to update your water treatment equipment

28th February 2019

Specialist water treatment equipment is necessary to keep HVAC water systems healthy and efficient, to prevent contamination from bacteria and other pollutants. With modern water treatment equipment more effective and responsive than its predecessors, savings can be made including improved maintenance practices, reductions in chemical reliance and the prevention of corrosion, repairs and breakdown.

Improvements in technology

Monitoring systems can now detect fluctuations in water condition, including dissolved oxygen levels, pH, corrosion rates, pressure and inhibitor levels. This can be vital in preventing expensive repairs and subsequent downtime. Crucially, this approach significantly reduces the risk of total breakdown which can run into the millions in large commercial buildings. With information delivered straight to your Inbox, immediate action to rectify the problem can be taken. We use the Hevasure system, which provides 24/7 remote monitoring in closed circuit water systems.

More accurate measurements

This data driven approach provides far more accurate measurements than sampling, the industry standard for checking water condition. Sampling relies on laboratory analysis which can take weeks to return and represents only a snap shot of one part of a system. Measurement readings are also displayed in a more convenient and easily-readable digital format.

Less water, less chemicals

Common water treatment practices include chemical dosing and flushing, both of which are not particularly good for the environment. Flushing in particular wastes vast amounts of water. By using Hevasure, both of these processes can potentially be reduced. By having a true understanding of system condition, water treatment practices can be fit for purpose rather than a knee-jerk reaction of adding more chemicals.

There have also been developments in flushing processes to reduce the volumes of water required, including high flow filtration solutions, which dramatically cut the amount of water required – up to five times less volume – while still complying with the BSRIA guidelines. As well as using less water, this process is also much faster than traditional flushing, slashing cleaning times and saving on labour costs.

Automated systems

Advancements in technology have allowed many processes to become automated which is far more effective and less time-consuming rather than doing everything manually. For example, modern cooling towers are able to automatically dose chemicals and make any necessary adjustments to dosages based on real-time data readings.

Update your water treatment equipment today

At Guardian we offer a range of water treatment services. Our expert engineers can help from water system construction and pre-commissioning cleaning, through to on-going water treatment, using the latest technologies, such as Hevasure.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.