Wallenius AOT makes BiFM award shortlist!

29th June 2016

Guardian’s non-chemical water treatment solution to prevent Pseudomonas, Wallenius AOT, has been shortlisted for the BiFM Award, New Product or Service of the year!

Wallenius Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT) is a patented non-chemical water treatment, which is safer and greener, compared with traditional chemical water treatment and proven to kill 99.999% of Pseudomonas and Legionella bacteria.

Identifying the growing problem of Pseudomonas, Guardian tested and developed AOT to specifically treat this bacteria in closed-circuit systems, trialling it for the first time at the NSG Group Company, Pilkington Glass, at its factory in Merseyside in September 2015. Read more about this case study >here.

Used on the water system that supplies cooling for Pilkington’s Off-line glass coater, AOT has made significant savings in terms of chemical costs and maintenance requirements, and more generally proved the potential for AOT to reduce biocide reliance in closed-circuit systems in any building. In addition, AOT helps save water – since its installation at Pilkington, the water has not required changing for several months.

Benefits of AOT at Pilkington Glass

  • £12,000 a year reduction in chemical costs
  • Less water wastage
  • Bi-annual maintenance requirement as opposed to bi-weekly
  • 100% kill rate of detectable Pseudomonas bacteria

For Facilities Managers, a building where Wallenius AOT is installed – whatever water system it is keeping clean – will be greener and easier to maintain, with better long-term results for the customer.

The finalists will be announced mid-August, cross your fingers for us!

Read the Pilking Glass case study >here.