Careers in Water Treatment

13th April 2016

Nothing is more fundamental to a healthy environment and community than water. Most people in the ‘First World’ are lucky enough to take clean water for granted; with a turn of the kitchen tap we have access to endless supply of clean, safe water.

But water hygiene is about more than making water safe for consumption. Water is an essential element of the effective running of our buildings and businesses, providing heating and cooling through HVAC systems.

Behind the scenes, there is a huge industry surrounding water treatment, infrastructure, and ongoing maintenance to ensure quality and safety in our water systems, creating exciting new careers to fulfil increasing demand.

Positive future

As a vital part of life on earth, clean water will always be in demand.  While many sectors have faced economic uncertainty over the past decade, the essential need for water means secure jobs for our industry; growth in the construction means growth in water treatment requirements.

From apprenticeships through to experienced engineers, there is something for everyone. As an apprentice with the right attitude to the job, you can learn from experts in the field and complete nationwide respected qualifications.  Opportunity for progression through the ranks provides the ultimate incentive for proactive, skilled workers willing to learn.

Varied work

The day to day work can vary from practical, to technical, to office work, across different sectors, on both commercial and domestic buildings.

Buildings require ‘whole life’ support, from consulting, construction and pre-commissioning cleaning, to monitoring, Legionella Risk Assessments, servicing and maintenance. Whether it be a historic structure, or a modern, cutting-edge piece of architecture, ongoing water system maintenance is required to guarantee the safety of occupants and efficient running of building services.

Keep buildings running

HVAC systems rely on hygienic water. Keeping them running efficiently protects against high energy consumption, blockages, leaks and contamination. These issues can cause problems for businesses; shortened plant life, break downs and increased fuel bills can be expensive.

More seriously, outbreaks of Legionnaire’s Disease put people’s health at serious risk.  Regularly traced back to large buildings such as office blocks, hotels and hospitals, legionella bacteria can flourish in large complex water systems.  Cooling towers are a particular risk as they contain pools of water in which the bacteria can thrive.

Qualified and experienced water treatment engineers are required to provide legionella risk assessments and guide businesses on implementing suitable legionella control programmes, including detailed written plans and accurate record keeping, necessary to meet the requirements of ACoP L8.

Advanced technology

An increased awareness of our impact on the environment is pushing development of innovative and sustainable new technologies across the sector. Wallenius Advanced Oxidation Technology is a non-chemical treatment revolutionising water treatment with its energy saving, Legionella killing, and cost effective credentials. Proven to kill 99.999% of Pseudomonas and Legionella bacteria, it is also widely being used as a preventative treatment at the pre-commissioning stage of construction.

Path to success

In a sector influenced by new guidelines, skills and technologies, the path to job fulfilment and success is wide open. For those looking for a solid, progressive career, water treatment can prove an industry well worth investing in.

We have a number of jobs available in our expanding water treatment team, click here for more information.