Wallenius AOT shortlisted for HVR award – ‘Sustainable Product of the Year’

13th September 2016

Our non-chemical water treatment, Wallenius Advance Oxidation Technology (AOT), has been shortlisted for an HVR award; ‘Sustainable Product of the Year’. Safer and greener, compared with traditional chemical water treatment, Wallenius AOT has been proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria, helping combat the UK’s growing Pseudomonas problem, which causes fouling, inefficiencies and breakdown in closed-circuit water systems.

Providing immediate chemical and maintenance savings, AOT also uses very little energy and allows greater volumes of water to be reused, offering a far more sustainable solution than traditional chemical dosing systems. A building where Wallenius AOT is installed – whatever water system it is keeping clean – will be greener and easier to maintain, with better long-term results for the customer.

To illustrate our entry, we highlighted the first trial of AOT for Pseudomonas, at NSG Group Company, Pilkington Glass’ factory in Merseyside, in September 2015. Used on the water system that supplies cooling for Pilkington’s Off-line glass coater, AOT has made significant savings in terms of chemical costs and maintenance requirements, and more generally proved the potential for AOT to reduce biocide reliance in closed-circuit systems in any building.

AOT benefits at Pilkington

  • £12,000 a year reduction in chemical costs
  • Less water wastage
  • Bi-annual maintenance as opposed to bi-weekly
  • 100% kill rate of detectable Pseudomonas bacteria

Read the full case study here.

Total water treatment solution

AOT is the ideal fit for Guardian, we are focused on delivering integrated and bespoke water treatment solutions that take into account how a building is designed and used going forward, ensuring the most effective, sustainable and efficient approach. Where chemicals are still used, it is only when absolutely necessary and with the minimum wastage.

If all suitable water systems had an AOT unit installed at the construction stage, whole-life costings would improve significantly – equipment would last longer with less expenditure required to keep it operational, while also making a worthwhile contribution to reducing water and energy wastage.

For more information about Wallenius AOT, click here.

Wish us luck! The winner will be announced on 27th October at an award ceremony in London. For more information about the HVR Awards and to view the rest of the finalists, click here.