The benefits of water system monitoring explained at the Facilities Event

15th April 2019

On the 10th April, Steven Booth took to the stage at the Facilities Event to discuss the benefits of water monitoring technology for FMs. Speaking alongside Steve Munn, from Guardian’s certified partner, Hevasure, the duo made a compelling case for reform in the sector in order to help FMs save money and be more confident in the condition of their water systems – at the point of handover and beyond.

Seminar highlights

  • Using Hevasure’s 24/7 water monitoring technology can save thousands of pounds across the life of system:
    • Design – £80 – £120k in lifecycle through prevention of corrosion and intervention reduction.
    • Construction – 40% reduction on sampling costs
    • Handover & maintenance – £300k in one example where a problem was identified and traced back to tenant activity, preventing it from becoming the FMs responsibility (and cost!)
    • Troubleshooting – Hevasure can track the cause and effect of activity on a water system, leading to the correct resolution, avoiding overuse of chemicals and flushing.
  • Water monitoring prevents major repairs and breakdown by catching small issues before they become big ones
  • This approach is also more sustainable, improving the efficiency of water system management and reliant HVAC equipment.

Importantly, real-time monitoring is modernising processes that have remained unchanged for many years and turning what has historically been a reactive industry into a pro-active one.

Sampling, the current standard for checking condition, can take around 21 days for results, which then have to be interpreted. Monitoring is real-time, with no waiting. Users can log onto the Hevasure dashboard and get alerts relating to changes in condition sent directly to them.

Steven cited the Telephone house case study, an example where three years of failures, leaks and sampling had cost £29,000 with no resolution to corroded radiators. A Hevasure health check over a three-month period cost less than £5k and identified a pressure issue as the problem – a problem undetected by sampling. Once this was fixed, aeration was stopped, leading to resolution of corrosion and resulting leakage.

Steve Munn then went on to showcase real examples of corrosion that could have been prevented if Hevasure had been installed.

For more information about Hevasure’s corrosion monitoring technology, click here.