The Benefits of Smart Water Monitoring Systems

1st May 2019

Water monitoring is a crucial part of maintaining many environments including industrial buildings, commercial properties and healthcare establishments. Technology has advanced to the extent that there are now highly sophisticated, accurate and convenient smart water monitoring systems which offer a whole host of benefits to property owners.

Ease and convenience of usage

Modern smart water monitoring systems analyse data continually and instantly alert users to changes in the system, giving peace of mind and reducing the need for unreliable and expensive sampling. Smart systems are also designed to be easy-to-use, allowing easy access of all the data in one place, accessible via any internet enabled device.

Instantaneous data

Without a smart water monitoring system, sampling is the main way water quality checks take place. The problem with sampling Is that results can take weeks to come back, by which time conditions may have changed. Using real-time monitoring, instant data allows pre-cursors to potential issues (such as corrosion) to be flagged up and immediately be addressed before major issues occur. The ability to make real-time decisions during critical moments can be vital in preventing expensive repairs and breakdown.

Improved accuracy of measurements

If sampling is the sole way that water quality Is checked, there is unfortunately always the prospect of human error. Results are open to interpretation and represent a snap shot in time, rather than a full picture of a number of days or weeks. With advanced water monitoring technology, highly accurate measurements allow building managers, FMs and maintenance teams to detect and gather more data, including dissolved oxygen – a pre-cursor to all types of corrosion.

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