Data-Driven Building Monitoring: Improve Efficiency & Prevent System Failure with Hevasure

12th February 2020

Buildings are becoming ever more intelligent, with environmental factors and energy usage routinely monitored through centralised Building Management Systems (BMS).

The Internet of Things (IoT) has developed over the last 50 years, from the early days of computer control to the smart technology we see today; influencing the way commercial buildings are designed, constructed and managed beyond all recognition.

Today, centralised BMS bring together real-time data from a vast range of parameters and use AI to optimise energy efficiency, comfort and building performance.

This level of monitoring gives building managers a greater understanding of building operations allowing them to compare data, improve practices and reduce energy consumption.

Additionally, FMs are alerted when small issues crop up, enabling bespoke and fit for purpose maintenance, better accountability and reduced risk of preventable downtime.

What parts of a building are monitored?

BMS routinely monitor environmental factors and energy usage, including:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Temperature and air quality
  • Room Occupancy
  • Lighting
  • CCTV and security
  • Smoke detection and fire alarms
  • Energy consumption

However, one area that has fallen behind in comparison is the management of water systems.

Sampling, the common method of checking water system condition, has its place and is a necessary part of meeting the current BSRIA guidelines, but it is not a full-proof solution.

In our opinion, it should not be used as the sole source of understanding system conditions.

How can water treatment practices be improved?

At Guardian, we recommend Hevasure, a corrosion monitoring system that protects expensive HVAC assets by continuously monitoring the parameters that cause corrosion and system failure.

Hevasure detects corrosion causing issues, such as fluctuating oxygen levels, before the damage is done; an approach which leads to bespoke maintenance regimes and saves money long-term.

Hevasure can be used throughout the whole life of the HVAC system, from construction and pre-commissioning cleaning, to ongoing maintenance.

It’s time this important part of the building services picture caught up, with data driven monitoring the lynch pin of pre-commissioning cleaning and water system management in general.

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