Guardian Water Treatment is a top employer!

28th April 2017

We know that a huge part of the growth, expansion and progression of Guardian boils down to our ‘people’: the engineers, office staff and management that keep the wheels turning and the water flowing!

So, we carried out a survey of our staff to find out what it’s really like to work for Guardian, and to help us identify some key priorities that will help improve staff satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

The results were great, giving us lots of positive feedback:

Our employees have high job satisfaction

81% genuinely enjoy their work most of the time, with 50% enjoying their work always or very often.

There is a sense of belonging and strong teamwork

100% thought that their colleagues were supportive and their opinions were respected most of the time.  83% stated their opinions were always or very often respected.

The organisation is friendly, we listen and we are responsive

93% said the people they work with are friendly and co-operative, with 31% saying that this was the case all the time.  76% felt the people they worked with were often responsive to their ideas and 86% felt well listened to.

Staff are able to be creative and use their initiative

95% said they were able to use their imagination and initiative to decide how best to do their job, with 46% doing so on a very regular basis.

Employees felt they had a good level of autonomy in their roles.

Generally, employees felt trusted with responsibility to make decisions and had the flexibility and freedom to choose how they organised their own workload.

There is a good level of recognition that the organisation is growing and developing

69% said they were mostly clear about the company’s values, aims and objectives, while 76% said they were often made aware of how their work connected to Guardian’s overall goals and vision.

Fancy working for Guardian?

We’re on the look-out for enthusiastic, proactive and skilled individuals, willing to learn and help grow our client-base.  Does this sound like you?

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