Guardian supports apprenticeships across the board

4th December 2018

Guardian Water Treatment takes recruitment and training seriously and has an ongoing commitment to apprenticeships across the company in a number of office-based and engineering roles. Keen to make the most of home-grown talent, Guardian believes the energy put in to training up the next generation of recruits is more than worthwhile.

John Conyard was taken on as an Apprentice Accounts Assistant this September and has been enjoying his time at Guardian. Whilst working in the accounts department, John is studying for his AAT Level 3 award and his ambition is to be a chartered accountant.  He said:

“I chose Guardian as it offered the best opportunity for an accountancy apprenticeship, and the best support when I compared it with other companies I was looking at.

“I really liked the people that interviewed me too. They seemed really nice – easy to get on with – which is a huge factor for me. The best part is, they’ve turned out to be exactly that!”

Millie Kerr, was taken on as an Apprentice Admin Assistant at the same time as John and is happy with the way she’s able to combine on-the job training with studying for her exams:

“I’m studying for my Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration and felt Guardian would be a good place to learn new skills in a work environment. I felt welcomed during my first interview and one- day hope to have a successful career here with Guardian.”

Amy Benstead and Daniel Porter are also studying for their Level 2 Diplomas in Business Administration and have recently joined Guardian as Apprentice Admin Assistants.

Amy said: “I’d heard through the grapevine that Guardian was an amazing company to work for and that experience here would open a lot of opportunities. I’m hoping to find full time employment at Guardian after my apprenticeship is finished.”

Daniel added: “I chose the apprenticeship at Guardian because of the friendly work environment, how accessible it was to me, and the overall opportunities the offered.”

Daniel is also hoping for full time employment with Guardian once he’s completed his apprenticeship.

Steven Booth, MD for Guardian explained why apprenticeships are so important to his company: “We fully support apprenticeships and they work very well for us. Growing our own talent makes good sense. The apprentices get the chance to gain their qualification whilst gathering useful experience working in a real environment, and we get to grow potential Guardian stars of the future, ready to hit the ground running once their training is complete. Three of our previous apprentice engineers and three office based apprentices are now fully qualified and working for us.”

As the apprenticeship scheme brings clear benefits to Guardian, as well as the apprentices they take on, the company is keen to build on the successes of the scheme in previous years and will be recruiting a new cohort of Apprentice Engineers in the New Year.

Contact Kelly Oehme for more information: [email protected]