Clean Air Day 2018

23rd January 2018

The second national Clean Air Day 2018 will take place on the 21st June, led by the environmental charity Global Action Plan. Businesses, organisations and volunteers, are being asked to take part in improving the air quality of the British Isles by committing to try a clean air action for the first time.

Traffic is a clear source of pollution in the UK, and this year’s campaign is puts travel at the heart of its crusade. The campaign’s leader, Christ Large, Senior Partner at Global Action Plan says “Improving the quality of the air we breath requires millions of people to decide to travel differently around our cities and town so it is hoped that the event will inspire people to take the decision to try something different – and pollution free – on this Clean Air Day.”

Get involved with Clean Air Day 2018!

Here are some of Chris’s ideas to encourage us to work towards a cleaner air future:

  • Owners of electric cars are being asked to take a friend for a spin in an effort to convert 100,000 more drivers to EV next time they upgrade
  • Clean up the school run. When St Dustan’s School in King’s Heath organised a walking bus to get the kids to school. Local PM2.5 levels dropped by 30% as there were fewer cars at the school gate
  • Challenge work colleagues to take part in a virtual meeting to cut-down unnecessary driving.  Do you really all need to be sitting in the same room?
  • Giveaways – can your business give away free bus tickets, car club membership or a free breakfast to cyclists? Let us know and we’ll promote it for you
  • Pot plants are an excellent way to catch common indoor pollutants, so organise a plant swap or sale
  • If people are encouraged to leave the car at home, turn your company carpark into a street-food market at lunchtime or hold a big picnic
  • Websites and apps help people find their way to work by foot of bike. Once local authority last year tracked 11,000 route searches on Clean Air Day 2017
  • Delivery vans travel 75 billion km a year on British roads. Check whether your suppliers can make fewer deliveries or upgrade their fleet to EVs – especially in built-up areas
  • In some city centre workplaces, 50% of deliveries received by the post-room are on-line shopping orders. Adopt a smarter, less polluting, service by using a parcel collection point. If you’re in London, try the Cross River Partnership’s Click Collect map of pick up points.
  • Change is easier if we work together. Buddy up with someone who hasn’t walked, run or cycled to work before to show them the way.

Evidence gathered from a survey following last year’s event, shows that Clean Air Day 2017 contributed significantly to an increase in public understanding of the issues surrounding air quality and Global Action Plan hope to build on this, with year’s event.

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For more information about Clean Air Day 2018, go to the campaign website and follow @cleanairdayUK on Twitter.