Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2024

6th February 2024

Guardian is thrilled to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2024, a dedicated time to recognise and applaud the invaluable contributions of apprentices to our organisation and the broader workforce.

Apprenticeships play a pivotal role in fostering talent, nurturing skills, and providing individuals with hands-on experience essential for their professional development. This week allows us to showcase our commitment to investing in the next generation of skilled workers, supporting their growth, and empowering them to excel in their chosen fields.

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we take pride in talented apprentices who contribute to the vibrancy of our team, embodying the spirit of innovation and continuous learning. It is a moment to reflect on the positive impact apprenticeships have on both individuals and the business community, driving economic growth and creating a pathway for success. Guardian is delighted to champion this initiative, recognising the significance of apprenticeships in shaping a brighter and more robust future for all.

Millie Donn

“My Apprenticeship at Guardian Water Treatment has been amazing so far, it has given me a wider perspective on an office role and what to expect from them and what is expected of me, and it has made me more confident in my office skills such as IT skills and working in a professional setting. My apprenticeship work by Crown has been going well so far, I am nearing the end of my apprenticeship, and I am now learning the service delivery coordinator’s role achieving what I set out to do. It has been an invaluable experience so far with Guardian and I am so looking forward to continuing my journey here post apprenticeship!”

Sophie Passfield

“Since joining Guardian, I have been given many opportunities to grow and with this being my first office role, I have been extremely well supported which has given me the confidence to grow. Receiving this support has allowed me to adjust easily and I can present myself in a professional manner. Every day I feel valued by my team, I can ask questions freely and I am confident that I will always receive the best guidance by my team that I need to progress. I have now started my coursework for my apprenticeship and Guardian have given me the time and patience to be able to balance my coursework and admin work. The team have experience they can draw from to aid my training which is allowing me to grow. Although I have only been here a short amount of time, I am progressing within my role and encouraged every day to learn something new and continue to explore my capabilities.

Isabel Edbrook

“As a new apprentice, my apprenticeship experience has been incredibly rewarding, and I feel genuinely supported in my professional journey. From day one, I have been warmly welcomed into the team, and the environment is conducive to learning and growth. The structured training programs and mentorship have been instrumental and are providing me with a solid foundation in my chosen field. I appreciate the open communication channels that exist, allowing me to seek guidance whenever needed. The supportive atmosphere created by my colleagues and mentors has boosted my confidence, making me feel valued and integral to the team’s success. I am grateful for the positive and inclusive culture that makes me excited to come to work every day, knowing that I am part of an organisation invested in my success.