A Brief Overview of the Importance of Water Treatment Services

1st October 2016

Whether you are in charge of an elderly people’s home, help run a hospital or are the landlord of an office, there is one thing you have to keep uppermost in your mind – you are responsible for making the premises fit for your staff and residents to work and live in at all times.

One of the main responsibilities you will have is to ensure the water used throughout the building – for drinking, washing and heating – is safe and fit for purpose.

What are the Risks?

Water systems, particularly older ones, are subject to corrosion and scaling, and can clog up with harmful sludge, especially in areas with ‘harder’ water. These issues can lead to blockages and the partial breakdown of the water system, or even its complete failure to function, leaving your building without heating or drinking water and you with an expensive repair bill on your hands.

Commercial steam boilers are particularly at risk from the build-up of impurities and potential failure – often with catastrophic results.

More harmfully, unclean and ill-maintained water systems can also lead to the growth of dangerous bacteria such as legionella.

A Potentially Deadly Disease

The legionella bacteria, which is the cause of the potentially fatal Legionnaire’s disease, can grow in any location where water is present, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, cooling towers, sanitation and general plumbing. The disease is spread chiefly though water droplets.

Failure to keep your premises’ water clean and hygienic can not only lead to making members of the public ill, it could also lead to prosecution if you are found to be guilty of negligence through lack of proper maintenance.

Legionella risk assessment is therefore essential in all businesses and public buildings where water is stored and used, and the need to ensure water systems are clean and hygienic at all times cannot be underestimated.

How do You Prevent Them?

Thankfully, there are a number of different water treatments which will help you clean out any harmful bacterial growth and prevent its recurrence.

The purpose of any water treatment programme is to ensure that the system is as clean as practically possible. Here at Guardian we deliver a number of water treatment services to create a hygienic environment on your premises, helping you do so all the way from the construction stage to ongoing maintenance.

The services on offer depend on the type of systems in use and what requirements you have, but they range from the latest chemical water treatments to the more environmentally friendly non-chemical alternative, Wallenius Advance Oxidation Technology (AOT). AOT is a safe and cost-effective way of controlling bacterial growth, which minimises the environmental impact by reducing chemical usage.

Using water treatment services will not only ensure you keep the public safe at all times, but also make expensive repairs less likely. If you are in charge of a building’s maintenance, you really cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to looking after the water.