Benefits of Pre-Commissioning Cleaning Services for Water Systems

26th November 2016

When you are tackling a major construction project, you will want to make the build process as easy as possible. Using a pre-commissioning cleaning service for your water systems is a simple step that can help provide peace of mind and avoid problems further down the line.

A secure system for the future

Blocked pipes, leaks and system failures, contamination, and high-energy consumption are just a few of the problems that you can experience with a closed water system if it is not installed and tested correctly during construction. Tackling these problems when they arise can be inconvenient, time-consuming and potentially costly, but the right preparation could help you avoid some serious issues later down the line

By the time you get to the stage of making sure your water pipelines are working properly, the last thing you will want is to hit an unexpected snag with the system. A pre-commissioning cleaning service can help make the process more straightforward and guarantee the safety and reliability of your set-up.

It works by a system of flushing out the pipes and cleaning them with chemicals if necessary. Trained experts can carry out these measures and check on their success with the appropriate testing to make sure water systems are running as they should.

Cleaning can ensure the pipeline is kept free from any contamination from the outset, helping to avoid potentially serious issues later on. Carrying out the right checks can offer peace of mind for the future. When you know your building’s water system has been thoroughly tested and is ready to go, you can be more confident about its long-term reliability.

These pre-commissioning checks are also a way to make sure everything is up to the industry benchmark on a project. Pre-commissioning cleaning is a standard requirement for new closed water installations under the latest guidelines from the BSRIA, the organisation that publishes best practice guidelines for the building and construction industry.

Keeping your system clean

If you are already past the initial construction stage, it is still possible to use a safe pre-commissioning cleaning service. Non-chemical solutions are available that can be used to flush out systems that are already in use.

These non-chemical solutions can kill off any bacteria that may be causing contamination in the pipeline. They can also help improve the efficiency of the system and cut down on associated health and safety risks. Another advantage of a non-chemical treatment is the reduced environmental impact achieved through the lack of harsh products.

It may also be worth considering a cleaning service on a pipeline that is already fully operational. If pre-commissioning was not carried out in a building or a problem has developed along the way, it is not too late to remedy it.

Avoiding encountering any further problems

Proper monitoring and maintenance of your pipelines are vital to keep things running smoothly. A pre-commissioning cleaning is a great foundation for success, which can then be checked on in the future.

Once a system is set up correctly and given the all-clear, it should be easy to maintain with a reduced risk of anything going wrong. An expert team can help cut the chances of encountering any problems, making pre-commissioning cleaning a worthwhile exercise.