Legionella Awareness Course for Facilities Managers

Guardian Water Treatment’s Legionella Awareness Course for Facilities Managers provides an introduction to understanding the control of Legionella bacteria in water systems, and information for managers on how to implement and Legionella control programme, and be ready for an inspection or audit.

Legionella training for facilities managers, will help this group recognise and prevent situations where the spread of legionella bacteria is likely. Courses can be tailored to suit clients’ individual requirements, depending on the types of application they work on.

Legionella awareness training for facilities managers covers:

  • Legionella Awareness – brief refresher (if required)
  • Understanding UK legislation, obligations and the importance of compliance
  • Understanding the roles of Responsible persons and Duty Holders
  • Review of real-life Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease case studies
  • How the HSE and EHOs work – Prepare for an inspection

In addition to Legionella Awareness training for facilities managers, Guardian also runs the following courses:

Legionella Awareness Training for Building Engineers
Legionella Awareness for Cooling Towers
Legionella Awareness – Refresher Training