Pre-Commissioning Cleaning using the latest technologies

Guardian Water Treatment uses the latest technologies and innovations to deliver its pre-commissioning cleaning services, including Hydrosphere; a solution which significantly reduces the need to flush and drain the system, and Hevasure; which delivers continuous corrosion monitoring – during pre-commissioning cleaning and throughout a water systems life.



By directly improving the efficiency of the flushing that takes place during pre-commissioning cleaning, high volumes of water wastage can be prevented.

  • Guaranteed programme times
  • Reduction in labour thanks to reduced flushing requirement
  • Pre-treatment prevents common issues caused during the fill phase of a new system
  • Effluent free chemical cleaning with low environmental impact
  • Superior cleaning results
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Controlled and flexible process
  • Faster and more efficient cleaning


Guardian is an exclusive partner of Hevasure, a real-time corrosion monitoring system that takes readings 24/7 during the construction and pre-commissioning cleaning phases.

  • Constant online data and corrosion monitoring by the UK’s leading experts
  • Readings taken 24/7 with direct client-access to Hevasure dashboard
  • Alerts sent out if critical levels are exceeded
  • Reporting shows all trends during a period, with recommendations to keep a water system healthy
  • Real-time monitoring of key parameters, no waiting for expensive lab results
  • Instant notification of unplanned events, such as water loss
  • Improves the effectiveness of fit-out and pre-commissioning cleaning procedure
  • Water treatment and on-going maintenance becomes pro-active, not reactive.


All of our clients have access to GuardianCare, an online reporting system that enables works relating to a specific site to be viewed in real-time. No more waiting weeks for paperwork to arrive – all relevant documents, certificates, engineers’ work sheets or any other information can be viewed on-screen and printed instantly.