B&ES TR/19 – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems

B&ES TR/19 focuses on best-practice guidance for keeping ventilation ductwork clean, essential to prevent fire risk, maintain air quality and keep systems running efficiently. Many insurers now demand that cleaning be carried out in accordance with advice given in B&ES TR/19 – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems and that only contractors who can comply with this guidance are retained, such as Guardian.

B&ES TR/19 gives comprehensive information about how often grease extract systems should be cleaned, depending on the amount and type of cooking that is done. The publication also recommends that a post clean report should include a sketch or schematic of the system indicating where access panels have been installed and any uncleaned areas, with a written explanation as to why such area/s could not be accessed/cleaned.

B&ES TR/19 specifies approved cleaning methods and details what paper trails and other evidence clients must be provided with to comply with all the relevant legislation including the Workplace Directive, COSHH and the Health and Safety regulations 5 and 6.

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