The project

A textile manufacturer in East Anglia requires humid working conditions on the factory floor to reduce the snap-rate of threads – dry air causes textile threads to break more easily, causing downtime which impacts productivity. The water used to create this humidity had to be treated and monitored to prevent bacterial infection, so non chemical Wallenius Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT) was chosen to reduce the circulation of chemicals on the factory floor.

The humidifiers that keep the air moist use softened mains water, which is atomised from the small holding tanks in the main air handling units (AHUs). Pumping chemical-laden water spray into the factory environment – especially chlorinated water – would leave the factory smelling like a swimming pool and could cause irritation to the workforce.

Download the case study here: AOT for textile manufacturer

The solution

Two AOT 5 units were installed to constantly treat the two separate AHU ponds, keeping Legionella at bay without chemicals while still adhering to HSE ACoP L8 Legionella control guidance.

The low-maintenance and low-power usage has created a cost effective solution that requires minimal maintenance. Guardian Water Treatment samples, monitors and cleans the system to ensure that the factory and its workforce remains protected, comfortable and above all, safe.

The outcome

On-going results show consistent bacterial kill rates on both AOT units, with no Legionella detected.

About AOT Wallenius

Originally developed and patented by Wallenius in Sweden to disinfect ship ballast water before being discharged, AOT has been adapted to provide a chemical free treatment process on cooling towers, incoming water supplies and domestic hot water systems.

Guardian Water Treatment have further developed the process to eliminate bacteria during construction of closed systems, not only at the fill and test stage, but also to treat the water used for flushing during the water treatment programme.

AOT involves a low power light source reacting with a patented catalytic coating to produce highly reactive particles which rip hydrogen atoms from bacteria giving a 99.9% kill rate on all bacteria.

Download the case study here: AOT for textile manufacturer