AOT for Pseudomonas prevention

Non-chemical water treatment, AOT is an effective treatment for the prevention of Pseudomonas, a waterborne bacteria that can cause illness, spread through stagnant or untreated water in hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, swimming pools and other water-based leisure facilities. The build-up of Pseudomonas can also foul closed chilled water systems, restricting water flow and compromising efficiency.

Guardian has proven in UK trials that an AOT unit can kill 99.9% of bacteria in water passing through the unit, including Pseudomonas. And, as the technology adds no harmful by-products to the water, building managers can reduce the monitoring and workload involved in handling chemicals, dosing water and managing dosing equipment.

AOT has WRAS approval in the UK and provides disinfection of hot or cold water services without the need for complex chemical dosing systems. The unit also has a very small footprint.