AOT for cooling towers

Non-chemical water treatment solution, AOT is ideal for the treatment of water in cooling towers, removing the need for oxidising biocides that can be risky to handle and aggressive to the system fabric, causing rust and degradation that can also pollute the water.

Integrating AOT as part of Guardian’s comprehensive treatment package is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of treating cooling tower water. The AOT system has very low maintenance requirements and low energy consumption. Other benefits include a reduction in the amount of chemicals washed into the drain, a reduction in overall water consumption and the elimination of erratic dosing issues.

In evaporative cooling systems, where AOT is already used widely in Europe, the removal or reduction of the primary biocide means that the environmental impact of the cooling system is reduced. For the right application, AOT water filtration will improve bacterial control, reduce water usage, with less handling, transportation and packaging of chemicals.

Read more about how Wallenius AOT can reduce bromine usage in cooling towers in this case study.


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