Guardian Water Treatment is still supplying Wallenius AOT

8th December 2017

Guardian Water Treatment is still fulfilling orders for Wallenius AOT. Our supplier’s changed but the product is exactly the same, offering the same chemical-free, low energy benefits to water purification.

Wallenius has stopped supplying its product direct to the UK, but has passed on the baton to AOT BV, who we are now working with. Whether you have an order pending, or you’re interested in the product going forward, Guardian is still the UK’s go-to place for industry-leading Advanced Oxygenation Technology.

Why choose AOT?

Wallenius Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT) is a safer, greener alternative to chemical water treatment. Ideal for HVAC systems, sanitation, general plumbing and cooling towers, AOT utilises a specific frequency of light, which, together with semi-conductor surfaces, produces free radicals that break down harmful micro-organisms and other pollutants in water. In fact, AOT has been proved to kill 99.999% of Pseudomonas and Legionella bacteria.

The entire process is instant, taking just a few micro-seconds and adds no chemical by-products to the system water. AOT also uses very little energy, helping buildings to reduce their environmental impact and over-reliance on chemicals.

For more information about Wallenius AOT, click here.