Guardian exhibits at Healthcare Estates Management Conference

29th June 2018
Non chemical water treatment for hospital water supply

We’re exhibiting at the Healthcare Estates Management Conference with our certified partner, Hevasure, taking place at the AJ Bell Stadium in Salford, on the 10th July. We’ll be showcasing our specialist water treatment solutions for the healthcare sector, including Hevasure’s 24/7 remote monitoring unit, which provides real-time data regarding water system condition, designed to prevent corrosion, repairs and breakdown by identifying potential issues before they develop into big problems.

The Healthcare Estates Management conference brings together leading experts to discuss the challenges faced by the NHS trust in terms of maintaining its facilities. As the NHS continues with the Five Year Forward view, it must fundamentally reshape the healthcare estate in order to meet the issues posed by an ageing population and the need to shift towards a more prevention based model of care.

Guardian and Hevasure’s approach to water system management can make a real contribution to long-term savings, and ensure hospitals and other essential healthcare services remain operational. Downtime is extremely expensive for any organisation, but for the NHS there is the added pressure of keeping vulnerable groups safe from harm. The cost of operational failure, therefore, goes beyond pounds and pence.

How Hevasure works

Hevasure protects expensive HVAC assets and reduces risk by continuously monitoring the parameters that cause corrosion and system failure, such as oxygen, pressure and pH levels. Used on closed-circuit water systems, the unit is designed to be scalable for any size of installation and can effectively stop corrosion altogether by alerting responsible parties immediately to any changes in condition.

With the breakdown of large-scale water systems potentially running into the millions in terms of repair, the cost of downtime and reputation damage, for building managers with a long-term view, Hevasure offers huge savings. By having a true picture of system condition, the overuse of chemicals and flushing can also be avoided, adding to the cost reducing benefits.

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