Defra’s draft Clean Air Strategy published

22nd May 2018

Environmental Secretary, Michael Gove, has today (22nd May) published a draft Clean Air Strategy to tackle toxic air pollution.

The 104-page strategy has been launched for consultation, the results from which will inform the final Clean Air Strategy to be published in March 2019. The proposals crack down on a wide range of pollutants, including agricultural emissions, domestic solid fuels such as wood and coal burning, pollution from aviation and shipping and particulate matter from vehicle tyres and brakes.

The proposals have attracted criticism from groups concerned that it doesn’t go far enough to tackle pollution from diesel vehicles, however, it does state on the government website that “these proposals are in addition to the government’s £3.5 billion plan to reduce air pollution from road transport and diesel vehicles, set out in July last year.”

Clean up your air

Air pollution is the fourth biggest threat to public health after cancer, obesity and heart disease. Aside from tackling the global issue of outdoor air pollution, indoor areas should provide a safe haven from outside pollutants so its essential that building managers and businesses control and maintain air in artificial environments.

Air quality assessments, monitoring and treatment are essential to good IAQ in buildings, from shops and office blocks to hospitals and leisure facilities.

Regular air hygiene management ensures that overall efficiency of air handling systems and associated plant is maximised, building occupants are safe and healthy and legal requirements, such as  COSHH – Air Quality Regulations are complied with.

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